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State of the 70s: Play for Today Volume 3 on Blu-ray
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Chaplin's Silent Pursuit: Modern Times on Blu-ray
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Too Much to Bear: Prophecy on Blu-ray
11 Aug 2021
Similar to the twenty-twenties, the nineteen-seventies were obsessed with ecology, and that exhibited itself in pop culture with the phenomenon of the revenge of nature movie. This had arguably begun...

Truth Kills: Blow Out on Blu-ray
2 Aug 2021
The poster for Alan J. Pakula's 1974 thriller The Parallax View features a man being assassinated under the ironic tagline "As American as apple pie", and if any further film took that to heart...

A Monument to All the Bullshit in the World: 1970s Disaster Movies
17 Jul 2021
The disaster movie genre in the nineteen-seventies did not arrive out of the blue, it had precedents, even from as far back as the thirties with such popular dramatic thrillers as San Francisco...

Take Care with Peanuts: Interview with Melissa Menta (SVP of Marketing)
2 Jul 2021
Melissa Menta is the SVP of Marketing for Peanuts, those immortal Charles Schulz characters who started out as a daily newspaper comic strip and became a global phenomenon when they captured th...

Silent is Golden: Futtocks End... and Other Short Stories on Blu-ray
1 Jul 2021
Silent comedy, as seen in earlier movies of the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, was supposed to have ended in the very late nineteen-twenties when sound was introduced, but of course it ne...

Winner on Losers: West 11 on Blu-ray
30 Jun 2021
The strange thing about director Michael Winner's career is that he almost willingly turned himself into a joke. There were some pretty unpleasant things happening in many of his films, but by the en...

Freewheelin' - Bob Dylan: Odds and Ends on Digital
26 Jun 2021
Few musical artistes benefited more from the medium of film, television and video than Bob Dylan, since it gave his (often obsessive) fans a little more insight into what was going on inside his mercu...

Never Sleep: The Night of the Hunter on Blu-ray
24 Jun 2021
Sometimes the films regarded as classics in their day fail to persist into the future, but a more interesting phenomenon is when films that were neglected, or even flopped, go on to be regarded as cla...

Sherlock vs Ripper: Murder by Decree on Blu-ray
22 Jun 2021
The nineteen-seventies was, among other things, the decade where the conspiracy movie came into its own, with seemingly a Three Days of the Condor or The Parallax View or Winter Kills...

That Ol' Black Magic: Encounter of the Spooky Kind on Blu-ray
18 Jun 2021
Sammo Hung, or Sammo Hung Kam Bo, was a talented graduate of the Peking Opera when he was younger, and seeking a foothold in the Hong Kong movie industry he did what his friends Jackie Chan and Yuen B...

She's Evil! She's Brilliant! Basic Instinct on Blu-ray
11 Jun 2021
The nineteen-nineties were a strange time for sex in popular culture. The subject, never mind its depiction, became more mainstream than ever, except that the overarching mood was growing more conser...

Hong Kong Dreamin': World of Wong Kar Wai on Blu-ray
28 May 2021
The films of Wong Kar Wai (1956- ) began to pick up international momentum in the nineteen-nineties, having first arrived on the scene in the late eighties with As Tears Go By (1988) with one o...

Buckle Your Swash: The Devil-Ship Pirates on Blu-ray
26 May 2021
You say Hammer in the entertainment industry and if you don't think of early nineteen-nineties rap star MC Hammer, your mind will doubtless have wandered to Hammer Films, specifically their horror mov...

Way of the Exploding Fist: One Armed Boxer on Blu-ray
21 May 2021
One armed characters in pop culture. There was the one who murdered Dr Richard Kimble's wife in The Fugitive (TV and movie), there was the mysterious chap in Twin Peaks (again, TV and m...

A Lot of Growing Up to Do: Fast Times at Ridgemont High on Blu-ray
16 May 2021
It seems every generation has its teen movie that defines the era for those who were there, and provides insight for those who were not as to what it had been like to live through it. But 1973's A...

Oh My Godard: Masculin Feminin on Blu-ray
14 May 2021
Jean-Luc Godard is a difficult man to recommend these days, given the films made in his twilight years have been so idiosyncratic that their purposefully offensive themes (such as promoting terrorism)...

Let Us Play: Play for Today Volume 2 on Blu-ray
11 May 2021
The BBC's Play for Today strand was a series of long-running, often socially relevant television programmes that took on themes that were fixating the British public from around 1970 when it be...

Before The Matrix, There was Johnny Mnemonic: on Digital
6 May 2021
When history catches up with science fiction, the films are often derided for not having the foresight to predict exactly how the future would pan out, but even back in 1995 when Johnny Mnemonic

More Than Mad Science: Karloff at Columbia on Blu-ray
27 Apr 2021
Boris Karloff had been an actor for some years before the nineteen-thirties happened along, but it was his big break offered him by director James Whale at Universal that boosted his career and made h...

Indian Summer: The Darjeeling Limited on Blu-ray
23 Apr 2021
If there is one Wes Anderson film that is rather lost amongst the other, bigger hits, even including Bottle Rocket which is at least sought out due to curiosity what with it being his first, it...

3 from 1950s Hollyweird: Dr. T, Mankind and Plan 9
16 Apr 2021
The nineteen-fifties in America are often characterised by their conservatism, marked by the preoccupation with the nuclear family, and indeed the nuclear defence, against the threat of the Communists...

Meiko Kaji's Girl Gangs: Stray Cat Rock on Arrow
4 Apr 2021
Japanese star Meiko Kaji is often associated with two franchises from the early nineteen-seventies, the Female Prisoner Scorpion quartet from Toei she led, and the immediately earlier Stray ...

Having a Wild Weekend: Catch Us If You Can on Blu-ray
2 Apr 2021
It's curious how a cash-in can take off and become its own thing, and so it was the case with the cash-in movie for hit pop group The Dave Clark Five, titled Catch Us If You Can after one of th...

The Drifters: Star Lucie Bourdeu Interview
30 Mar 2021
Lucie Bourdeu is the star of The Drifters, a romance patterned after the French New Wave of the nineteen-sixties but updated to post-Brexit Britain. She appears alongside Jonathan Ajayi...

Meiko Kaji Behind Bars: Female Prisoner Scorpion on Arrow
23 Mar 2021
Meiko Kaji is a Japanese star notable for becoming a worldwide celebrity, in some quarters at least, for staying at home and never succumbing to the allure of Hollywood. Although her heyday was proba...

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