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Latest News:

  Graeme Clark RIP [read more]
  Another good one checks out too early
  It’s with extreme sadness I have to report that Graeme Clark passed away on Sunday the 19th of June.

I apologise it’s taken me so long to report this, I’ve still not really accepted he’s gone, it’s still unbelievable, it’s still almost impossible to put this into words, however I’ll do my best.

Regular visitors of this site will know Graeme as our reviewer or co-editor, or sub-editor, but that’s not the truth. The Spinning Image was Graeme’s website. Sure, Graeme wrote reviews… over 10,000 in fact, but he did a lot more. He was the life, soul and beating heart of The Spinning Image. He updated all the news, he ran the press office, he reviewed just about everything that passed under his nose (as his good friend Jim said, he watched On The Buses 2, so you didn’t have to!), yes he wrote reviews too and in between he’d write articles and perform general maintenance on the site whilst answering all incoming email and just keeping all those plates spinning (everything that made The Spinning Image what it is), he did it all and he never once dropped a single plate.

I’ve known Graeme for what must be 35 years or so. Myself and my cousin John, both keen horror film fans, decided to start a film fanzine. We put an add in The Darkside magazine hoping to get some writers, reviewers or just about anyone willing to help out. Graeme was first through the door, offering to write an article on Giant Monster Movies… little did we realise that Graeme’s article would turn out to be a monster itself, a definitive list of every single monster movie ever made, it was so big we had to run it across many pages across many issues! That should have been a big clue… what this man didn’t know about movies, well… it just wasn’t worth knowing.

As well as his monster movie article, I’m pretty sure, if memory serves, Graeme also came up with the title of the fanzine, in his own inimitable style, ‘Invasion of the Sad Man-Eating Mushrooms’. We loved it and he then named the letters page ‘A Bucket of Soapy Fish’… we stopped asking him for titles after that!

As well as writing, Graeme was also a fantastic artist, his work scattered through the fanzine, brought the pages to life in his monotone, cartoon style (see self-portrait to right). Those who followed the fanzine can never forget his comic strip ‘Bigger than Hitler’, featuring an inflatable George Formby, and the many other decidedly odd tangents Graeme’s mind went off on! Genius.

When Invasion finished (bagging Magazines of the Movies’ ‘Fanzine of the Year’ twice running, along the way) and the internet was born, we stayed in touch, emails passing frequently; Graeme saw me married, have two kids (the eldest now 24!), divorced and remarried… in fact I’ve known Graeme for longer than my marriages combined! He became a great friend, always fun, witty beyond belief and always willing to help out with new ideas and offering to do anything he could to get that idea in motion (more recently that has been kicking me up the arse, but in his own caring way)… and from these ideas The Spinning Image was born.

Fast forward, I dunno, 22 years maybe… and 10,000 reviews later and here we are. Please take a moment to let that sink in, ten thousand reviews. Graeme watched and reviewed ten thousand films. Where do you even find 10,000 films?! I think that’s truly incredible. He let that number just slip past me, never after kudos or praise, just quiet and humble. Whenever someone loads a review on this site I increment a count of the views. Graeme’s reviews have been read approximately 36 million times! He was undoubtedly a very popular guy! I did some quick maths, maybe wrong so I’ll expect to be corrected, but if Graeme watched 10,000 films averaging 2 hours a piece, that comes in at 2.3 years of continuous film watching, without the time spent reviewing it afterwards! It’s incredible, but then Graeme always said, films are my life!

So alas Graeme’s story comes to an early end (he was only barely 50), and maybe so too does The Spinning Image. Whilst I let this all soak in, I’m truly devastated by his passing, although I’ll leave the site running forever in his memory (along with Wayne Southworth, another taken too soon) but I won’t be updating it until I know it’s future.

Graeme you were a true friend, and I could have never asked for more, because you always gave more. You were The Spinning Image, and just never realised it.

 Rest in peace my friend x
  Darren Jones [28 Jun 2022 at 16:31]
  Get Carter on 4K UHD and Blu-ray [read more]
  The definitive edition
  BFI 2-disc Limited Edition UHD – only 10,000 copies available & 2-disc Limited Edition Blu-ray - only 5,000 copies available, released on 25 July 2022

See the new trailer at the link above.

Michael Caine is Jack Carter, the London gangland enforcer who returns to his hometown of Newcastle to investigate his brother's death. Rarely has the criminal underworld been so realistically portrayed as in this 1971 masterpiece, directed by Mike Hodges from his own screenplay of the novel Jack Returns Home by Ted Lewis. Shot on location, resulting in a devastatingly authentic snapshot of life in the north east of England, GET CARTER remains arguably the grittiest and greatest of all British crime films.

Newly restored in 4K from the original camera negative by the BFI, and approved by director Mike Hodges, GET CARTER is back, and looking and sounding better than ever. It will be released by the BFI in partnership with Warner Bros. Entertainment UK Ltd on both UHD and Blu-ray on 25 July 2022 with an incredible collection of extras. Both formats are packaged inside rigid slipcases and come with an 80-page perfect-bound book, a double-sided poster featuring the original UK quad and the 2022 re-release artwork and a set of four postcards featuring iconic scenes from the film.

Special features

UHD - 4K (2160p) presentation in Dolby Vision (HDR10 compatible)
Blu-ray - presented in High Definition
Newly recorded introduction by Michael Caine (2022, 3 mins)
Audio commentary featuring Mike Hodges, Michael Caine and Wolfgang Suschitzky (2000)
Audio commentary featuring Kim Newman and Barry Forshaw (2022)
Isolated score by Roy Budd
Mike Hodges in Conversation (2022, 60 mins): the director discusses his career in this interview recorded at BFI Southbank
Klinger on Klinger (2022, 24 mins): Tony Klinger recalls and evaluates the career of his father, Michael Klinger, Producer of Get Carter
Don't Trust Boys (2022, 22 mins): actor Petra Markham reflects upon her career on stage and screen, and recalls her role in Get Carter
The Sound of Roy Budd (2022, 17 mins): Jonny Trunk explores the varied career of Roy Budd, and revisits his iconic score for Get Carter
BBC Look North location report (1970, 5 mins)
Roy Budd Plays 'Get Carter' (1971, 4 mins)
Michael Caine’s message to premiere attendees (1971, 1 min)
The Ship Hotel - Tyne Main (1967, 33 mins): Philip Trevelyan's evocative documentary film about a pub on the banks of the River Tyne
International trailer (1971)
Re-release trailer (2022)
Script gallery
***First pressing only*** 80-page book with a new essays by Mark Kermode and Tim Pelan; Alex Cox's introduction to the 1990 Moviedrome TV broadcast; an essay on composer Rod Budd and interviews with contemporary musicians/soundtrack composers by Jason Wood; biographies of Mike Hodges and Michael Caine by John Oliver; an extract from Michael Caine's autobiography What's It All About; credits and notes on the special features and restoration
  Graeme Clark [17 Jun 2022 at 15:28]
  The Appointment on Blu-ray and digital [read more]
  Premonition of terror
  BFI Blu-ray release on 11 July 2022 and on iTunes and Amazon Prime on 25 July 2022

An evil and enigmatic power throws a family into turmoil in Lindsey Vickers' much sought-after cult horror. An unsettling journey into the world of the supernatural guaranteed to give you sleepless nights, the long-lost chiller THE APPOINTMENT is at last available on Blu-ray from BFI Flipside, sourced from the best materials yet discovered.

Among the usual raft of fantastic extras is a new audio commentary by the director and newly filmed interviews including with Lindsey Vickers and actor Jane Merrow. Other extras include an interview with assistant director Gregory Dark, Lindsey Vickers' 1978 film The Lake (including newly recorded audio commentary) and extensive galleries featuring rare production material.

When suburban father Ian (Edward Woodward, The Wicker Man) is unable to attend his daughter's violin recital, he and his wife Dianna (Jane Merrow, The Lion in Winter) are troubled by prophetic nightmares that seem to foresee a looming tragedy. Are dark forces about to be unleashed upon their comfortable life?

Special features

Presented on Blu-ray in Standard Definition
Newly recorded audio commentary by director Lindsey Vickers
Vickers on Vickers (2021, 41 mins): the director looks back on his life and career
Another Outing (2021, 16 mins): Jane Merrow recalls co-starring in The Appointment
Appointments Shared (2022, 7 mins): Lindsey and Jan Vickers remember the making of the 'haunted film'
Framing The Appointment (2022, 19 mins): Lindsey Vickers recalls making the film
Remembering The Appointment (2022, 10 mins): assistant director Gregory Dark shares his recollections of the film
The Lake (1978, 33 mins): Lindsey Vickers' eerie short finds young lovers choosing to picnic at a spot haunted by echoes of a violent event
Newly recorded audio commentary on The Lake by Lindsey Vickers
Splashing Around (2020, 18 mins): actor Julie Peasgood on making The Lake
Galleries featuring annotated scripts, storyboards, images and production materials
Newly commissioned sleeve art by Matt Needle
***First pressing only*** Illustrated booklet with new writing by Lindsey Vickers including a message about this release, Vic Pratt and William Fowler; biographies of Edward Woodward and Jane Merrow by Jon Dear, notes on the special features and credits
  Graeme Clark [16 Jun 2022 at 23:21]
  Shudder in July [read more]
  Summer of fear

On The 3rd Day - A Shudder Exclusive
Premieres 7th July

While on a trip with her young son, Cecilia has a car accident. Three days later, she finds herself wandering a lonely road with no sign of her child - and no memory of what happened since the crash. Cecilia's desperate search for her son leads her on a wrenching and tumultuous journey to face off against a religious fanatic who holds the shocking key to it all. Written by Alberto Fasce and Gonzalo Ventura and directed by Daniel de la Vega.

Good Madam - A Shudder Original
Premieres 14th July

Official Selection, Toronto International Film Festival. Tsidi, a single mother, is forced to move in with her estranged mother Mavis, a live-in domestic worker caring obsessively for her catatonic white 'Madam'. As Tsidi tries to heal her family however, a sinister spectre begins to stir. South African director Jenna Cato Bass (Flatland) co-wrote the film along with Babalwa Baartman and ten other members of her cast. Directed by Jenna Cato Bass.

Moloch - A Shudder Original
Premieres 21st July

In Moloch, 38-year-old Betriek lives at the edge of a peat bog in the North of the Netherlands. When she and her family are attacked by a random stranger one night, Betriek sets out to find an explanation. The more she digs, the more she becomes convinced that she is being hunted by something ancient. Written by Daan Bakker and Nico van den Brink and directed by Nico van den Brink.

This is GWAR - A Shudder Original
Premieres 21st July

This is GWAR is the powerful story of the iconic heavy metal art collective, as told by the humans who have fought to keep it alive for over thirty years. The feature documentary includes interviews with the band members, both past and present, and other artists, including Weird Al Yankovic, Thomas Lennon, Alex Winter, Bam Margera, and Ethan Embry, including never seen footage of legendary GWAR frontman Dave Brockie (Oderus Urungus). Directed by Scott Barber

The Reef: Stalked - A Shudder Exclusive
Premieres 29th July

In an effort to heal after witnessing her sister's horrific murder, Nic, her younger sister Annie and two close friends travel to a remote Pacific Island for a kayaking and diving adventure. Hours into their expedition, the women are stalked and attacked by a Great White shark. To survive, they will need to band together, and Nic will have to overcome her post-traumatic stress, face her fears, and slay a monster. Written and directed by Andrew Traucki as a follow-up to his 2010 film, The Reef. Starring Teressa Liane (The Vampire Diaries), Ann Truong (Cowboy BeBop), Saskia Archer (Boshack), Kate Lister (Clickbait), and Tim Ross (Wonderland).
  Graeme Clark [16 Jun 2022 at 23:15]
  Arrow Player in July [read more]
  Summer fun
  Key highlights this JULY on the essential, alternative streaming service ARROW include a selection of gloriously trashy films from Full Moon; the annual visit to Camp ARROW; a glut of gore and grue with a season of films from the mind of the legendary horror writer H.P. LOVECRAFT; more from the prolific Rainer Werner Fassbinder; a FULCI horror masterwork, wuxia classics and much more...

In July, a pair of fantastically-titled exploitation cult classics: SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIMEBALL BOWL-O-RAMA, David DeCoteau's comedy horror starring scream queen Linnea Quigley (Return of the Living Dead, Night of the Demons) and a murderous imp; and CANNIBAL WOMEN IN THE AVOCADO JUNGLE OF DEATH, starring genre favourites Shannon Tweed (Cold Sweat) and Adrienne Barbeau (The Fog) as well as TV star Bill Maher, in a raucous B-movie feminist take on Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Also in July, ARROW present a pair of adaptations of H.P. Lovecraft films: in CASTLE FREAK, Re-animator and From Beyond stars Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton are reunited to come face to face with terror when they travel to Italy to move into a castle they've inherited. Discovering it is haunted by a relentless blood-thirsty creature; LURKING FEAR is set in the town of Leffert's Corners, plagued by unearthly beings for decades. When small-time thief Blake Adams (Siren’s Kiss) turns up to claim his illicit family fortune hidden in the town cemetery and with bad guys in pursuit, getting his inheritance might be a lot more complicated.

Also in July, ARROW presents Rainer Werner Fassbinder Vol. 3, bringing together a collection of lesser-seen works from various stages in the career of the enfant terrible of the New German Cinema, wrote, directed, produced and starred in over 40 films in his short but prolific life, before passing away of a drug overdose in 1982 aged just 37. Featuring high definition digital restorations prepared by the Rainer Werner Fassbinder Foundation, the films include Satan's Brew, Rio Das Mortes, Fear of Fear, and The Niklashausen Journey.

ALSO SHOWING: Lucio Fulci's masterpiece of metaphysical horror The Beyond; martial arts mayhem from Chinese film director and actor, King Hu, and much more... Check out the sizzle reel at the link above.
  Graeme Clark [16 Jun 2022 at 23:10]
  Notre Dame on Fire
  The story behind the story
  Pathé will release NOTRE DAME ON FIRE on 22nd July 2022 in the UK & Ireland.

The film, directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud (THE NAME OF THE ROSE, SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET), tells the story of how one of the most iconic historic buildings in the world was nearly destroyed by fire.

The film is written by Jean-Jacques Annaud and Thomas Bidegain, is produced by Jerôme Seydoux (CODA) and Ardavan Safaee and stars Samuel Labarthe, Jean-Paul Bordes, Mikael Chirinian, Garlan Le Martelot and Dimitri Storoge.

NOTRE-DAME ON FIRE offers a blow-by-blow recreation of the gripping events that took place on April 15, 2019, when the cathedral suffered the biggest blaze in its history. The film retraces how heroic men and women put their lives on the line to accomplish an awe-inspiring rescue.

Annaud's creative team includes Director of Photography, Jean-Marie Dreujou (AFC); Production Designer, Jean-Yves Asselin; and Composer, Simon Franglen. The film was made with the contribution of La Brigade Des Sapeurs-Pompiers De Paris (Paris Fire Brigade).
  Graeme Clark [15 Jun 2022 at 23:43]
  This is GWAR on Shudder [read more]
  Appropriate platform
  Shudder, AMC Network's premium streaming service for horror, thriller, and the supernatural, has acquired rights to the documentary. This is GWAR, which gives rare insight into the 30-plus year career of one of the world's most outrageous heavy metal bands, GWAR, known for their grotesque costumed characters and notoriously wild, fluid-soaked stage shows. The film, which world premiered at Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX, and won the 2021 Audience Award at NIGHTSTREAM, will be available exclusively on Shudder in the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand on Thursday, July 21.

"For more than three decades, GWAR has set the standard for heavy metal horror with larger-than-life personas and gore-filled stage shows that were unlike anything anyone had ever seen," said Shudder General Manager Craig Engler. "But even their most ardent fans have never seen them like this, as the band and director Scott Barber reveal in moving detail the literal blood, sweat and tears that have made GWAR the true legends they are today."

Added GWAR, "GWAR is founded on horror, humor, and heavy metal. Of course, we love Shudder! It's our favorite. Every movie is like a home movie for us. Are you kidding me?? Monsters, demons, the undead, dinosaurs? Those are our people! GWAR and Shudder. Two terrifying tastes that taste terrifying together."

This is GWAR is the powerful story of the iconic heavy metal art collective, as told by the humans who have fought to keep it alive for over thirty years. The feature documentary includes interviews with the band members, both past and present, and other artists, including Weird Al Yankovic, Thomas Lennon, Alex Winter, Bam Margera, and Ethan Embry, including never seen footage of legendary GWAR frontman Dave Brockie (Oderus Urungus). Check out the trailer at the link above.
  Graeme Clark [15 Jun 2022 at 23:40]
  Mary, Queen of Scots on Blu-ray [read more]
  Acting royalty
  BFI Blu-ray release on 11 July 2022

The historical rivalry between two of Britain's most fascinating monarchs is brought brilliantly to life in this thrilling period drama starring acting royalty Vanessa Redgrave and Glenda Jackson. Their stunning performances are supported by a stellar ensemble cast including Trevor Howard, Ian Holm and Timothy Dalton.

MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTS comes to Blu-ray for the first time in the UK, packed with extras and released by the BFI on 11 July. The release coincides with a BFI Southbank season celebrating the immense talent of actor Glenda Jackson, with screenings of film and television work spanning her incredible career. GLENDA JACKSON: THE ART OF CONVICTION takes place from 2-31 July.

When the Catholic Mary, Queen of Scots (Vanessa Redgrave) returns to her homeland to claim her throne, the court of her cousin, the Protestant Elizabeth I (Glenda Jackson) in neighbouring England, is thrown into turmoil, as the question of succession becomes an ever-pressing concern to the 'Virgin Queen'. Political machinations and intrigue abound as the competing camps jostle for dominance, with the threat of the executioner's axe looming large.

Special features

Presented in High Definition
Audio commentary by film historian and critic Sergio Mims (2020)
Isolated John Barry score with commentary from film historians Nick Redman and Jon Burlingame
Original overture and musical intermission
Riding High (2022, 6 mins): actor Frances White recalls a few of her most memorable experiences on location
The Guardian Lecture: Glenda Jackson (1982, 77 mins, audio only): the actor interviewed at the National Film Theatre
Now and Then: Vanessa Redgrave (1968, 30 mins): the actor is interviewed by Bernard Braden for his never broadcast series
Promotional trailer (1971, 4 mins)
Image gallery
Newly created audio description track
Newly commissioned reversible sleeve art by artist David Downton
***First pressing only*** Illustrated booklet with a new essay by Ellen Cheshire, biographies of Vanessa Redgrave and Glenda Jackson by John Oliver, credits and notes on the special features
  Graeme Clark [15 Jun 2022 at 23:35]

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